Thursday, March 20, 2003

Who are you?
1.You can’t sleep at night cause the sounds of the theme to Final Fantasy are ringing in your head.
2. There are wires and controllers all over the floor in front of your tv.
3. Everytime you’re the passenger in a car you somehow end up at BestBuy
4. When you go to watch Sex in the City there is a blue screen on the tv, and the words VIDEO 3 in the top left corner of the screen and by the time you find the tv/video button and push it Carrie has broken up with Aidan and is back with Big!!....aaarrgghhh…uh…..yeah.
5. You know which FRY’s is the Polynesian one and which one is themed out like an alien invasion.

You, my friend – are the wife of an engineer.


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