Thursday, March 27, 2003

MAHALO King Kamehameha

I take it back - I take it ALL back - Hawaii is damn wonderful! You know why? Check out this weather baby!!!! Overcast and rainy - rain rain - rain. I love it.

The plane ride. No I didn't get stuck next to the crying child as I expected, instead I was seated next to the crazy old asian lady with the tuberculosis-like cough that she interupted only to snack on little mini fish heads. Disgusting! Oh and may I just give you this equation:

ME + trapped on an airplane + an Owen Wilson movie = HELL ON EARTH.

Jesus. We all know my hatred for Owen Wilson's acting. This basically sealed it. Not to mention that Kyle was sitting next to me laughing out loud like a crazy man at all his stupid lines. (I think he was doing it to spite me.)

Aside from all that – can I just say - Continental Airlines is the SCHIZNIT! That airline is the bomb. Large seats, leg room, decent food, AND - each seat gets their own individual tv. And - best of all - they won my heart by playing the 2002 ABFAB special that was only seen in the U.K. Edina goes to New York to search for her long lost son Serge. It was the best abfab ever. They even showed them in the famous New York bookstore Strand - a store Figgy dragged me too and I was glad she did.

So we are here – Day one – and we have already gone to Daiei AND Longs. Now what the hell am I gonna do the rest of the week?.....HOLY SHIT. I'm sitting at my sister-in-law's computer and there's a goddam gecko running around loose in this house - making all kinds of freaky noises. I know it's bad luck to kill geckos but if I see that lizard anywhere near me I'm gonna freak...

Oh and good news bloggers, Figgy's got her own website.
As she says, "Figgyville, like Nellyville, except without the bitches and hoes."


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