Tuesday, March 25, 2003

So you wanna be a rock superstar?
Goddam m*ther f*king DMV sent me a letter saying they are going to suspend my license cause I didn't file my car accident. I was so raving mad last night I got a stomach ache. And Kyle's like, "Damn you better take care of this or else I have to drive you around for a year." Believe me - that would suck cause I'd never go shopping. So I call them today after 15 tries - I finally get through - and they're all, "Oh yeah, everything's fine. Ignore the notice." Son of a...

If I had a band I'd write a song about this. Like NWA's "F*** tha Police", mine would be "F*** the DMV."

My Top 5 possible band names:


4. Azrael Abyss

3. Ballistic Monkeys

2. Chopstick Nation

1. Puddle of Jenn

When I get bored with corporate america and the MAN trying to bring me down, I'm gonna break away from band #4 Chopstick Nation and become "TAFNAJ" - The Artist Formerly Known As Jenn - and change my name to a symbol, and that symbol will be... a SPORK.


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