Monday, April 28, 2003

All you do is talk talk ---talk talk ---all you do is talk talk

For all those who care – my grandma is out of the hospital and doing well. She is back to her old self…is that a good thing? I went to go get her from the hospital and walked into the room just as she woke up….

ME: Hi Gram. How are you doing?

GRAM: My throat hurts from the scope they put down there. My pancreas is large and deformed looking.

ME: Thanks for that info, that is disgusting. Well you look good anyway. The doctor said your throat will hurt for a few days but you should take lozenges.

GRAM: I don’t like lozenges….my throat is killing me.

ME: Maybe you should stop talking.

GRAM: Yeah, maybe.

ME: Why don't you stop right about now?

GRAM: Yes. I’m tired.


GRAM: My throat hurts.


GRAM: (quietly)… doctor said I should be back to my normal self now….

ME: Jesus, couldn’t they fix THAT?


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