Sunday, April 06, 2003


I used to do crafts as a business but I gave it up since I found myself overwhelmed - doing my regular 40 hour a week job - then coming home and working another 40 hours on top of that. It was too much. So I stopped. But my creativity is still flowing and I get bored VERY easily. So I do a bunch or projects around the house for no reason. This drives my husband crazy. Especially when I use him as inspiration. For instance - last Halloween when I took his high school photo and a carved a pumpkin of his face and left it lit up in the dark downstairs for when he came home from work. Let me just tell you - that is comedy.

So now and then, I'll be putting up my crafty projects on this blog for all to see.

They won't all be as funny as this one - but what the hell.


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