Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Fever dog - scratching at my back door...

Today someone came up to me and said, "It's hump day!" Ew - that is disgusting. What's wrong with just saying it's Wednesday...

That being said, It's Top 5 Wednesday! Last week's Top 5 Synthesizer songs went pretty well. Today I think I'll go with....Top 5 Lead Singers. I'm not talking legends here, cause that's another story. Just faves.

Top 5 Lead Singers
1. Dave Gahan - Depeche Mode
2. Morrissey - The Smiths
3. Kurt Cobain - Nirvana/Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters
4. Art Alexakis - Everclear
5. Jeff Bebe - Stillwater - *ha!*

Just faves for today, cause you know I'm changing my mind the minute I post this...

If you wanna play - feel free to leave yours in the comments section...


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