Thursday, April 24, 2003

He's Chainsaw - I'm Dave - and we'll see you at the movies!

Today my Grandma is going in for surgery. Let’s all hope for the best – cause we all need more Grandma stories right? Hopefully everything will be ok.

Grandma loves the movies – she goes about once a week if she can, so I asked her to write some reviews for the blog. (Yes she knows the blog exists). So she decided to go with Academy Award winner – “The Pianist.” You’ll notice she is quite a good writer. Looks like she's giving Figgy a run for her money.

I especially love how she rounds out her review by USING the actual title in the closing sentence. She’s all Siskel and Ebert up in here!

The Pianist
Usually a film about the horrors of the Holocaust is too gruesome to watch but THE PIANIST is the story of a death march survivor that is so real and intriguing that the viewer is totally consumed with every move made and all else becomes only a background.

It's the true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Jewish concert pianist of Warsaw, Poland who is rounded up, put to heavy labor, starved, and on his way to a concentration camp. when friends unexpectedly help him escape. He is able to elude the Nazis through the help of many organizations, friends, strangers and even the enemy. What a relief when his struggle finally ends.

Roman Polalnski, the director, a holocaust survivor himself, has made the scenes so realistic that you fully realize how terrible war really is......makes you wish that the killing in Iraq will stop right now. This is a story of fear and hope and eventual success. Adrien Brody does an excellent job as THE PIANIST.


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