Wednesday, April 16, 2003

"PC Load Letter" - What the F*CK does that mean?

I am having a "PC LOAD LETTER" kind of day. You know in the movie Office Space when the printer gets jammed and gives some weird code that says, "PC LOAD LETTER." Believe it or not I've had that actually happen to me. And there's nothing you can do but beat the thing down with a baseball bat.

It's because machines hate me. My computer is f*ed - the plotter is f*ed - what is the deal??

I need to think happy thoughts.
Gimme your top 5 list for "Good Use of a Synthesizer" songs....I'll start you off -

1. "Perfect Kiss" - New Order
2. "Take On Me" - A-HA
3. "Everything Counts" - Depeche Mode
4. "I Ran" - Flock O' Seagulls
5. "West End Girls" - Pet shop boys


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