Sunday, April 20, 2003

Smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night....

Today is Easter. My grandma's fave holiday cause she gets to eat HAM - which I personally hate. But the upside was we got King's Paradise Cake, yum -e .

So my brother and I are asking my grandma about how her weekend has been so far....

Bro: "What'd you do yesterday Gram?"
Gram: "Uncle took me to eat at HIGH LIFE."

**Note: This is a fast food restaurant. But the name f*ing has me rolling EVERY time I hear it.

So my brother and I are cracking up.

Bro: "HIGH LIFE...hahahahahahahaha"
Gram: "What's so funny about HIGH LIFE?"
Jenn: "You know, the doobs, joints, mary jane, pakalolo, ganja....POT."

(She turns to look at my brother...)

Gram: "Have you heard of HIGH LIFE?"

Bro: "I heard they have da "GOOD SHIT...."

By this time my brother and I are dying laughing....

Gram: "That place is always crowded, I don't know why..."

Jenn: "HA! Probably cause they are dealing the "GOOD SHIT" out the back!"

Gram: "I don't get why you two are laughing so hard...."

By this time she has moved on to talk to other people at the table.

My brother and I are still laughing.


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