Thursday, April 10, 2003

Something evil is afoot at the Circle K

How is it possible that Satan is still on this show?

I have a migraine. It's horrible. You can't eat, sleep or even move. Let alone watch the end of Chasing Amy that tivo taped for you....I wanna crawl back into bed.

One happy thing, today I got tons and tons of packages. I love getting 'gifts' in the mail. Well - they're nto so much 'gifts' as they are things that I bought with my own credit card and had sent to myself. Still, it's nice to come home to a pile of good stuff.

First, I got my "chimp purse" which is very cute and of course, useful. Second - Figgy sent me the new People magazine with the one and only Jason Lee. Third I got some rubber stamps I ordered. Yay! Here's a picture of the cards I am making for Easter, click to see what you find when you lift the flaps...


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