Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Ladies with an attitude, fellas that were in the mood

Did you watch "America's Next Top Model" last night? Don't tell me you didn't watch it!

Praise Jesus. They voted Robin off. Maybe she should've prayed to God to make her be less of a bitch. Don't ask me about Adrianne and her lesbian tendencies. All I know is next week she put on lingerie and jumps on top of Elyse in bed.

Those nude scenes were pretty nasty - but isn't that their job? What I don't get about shows like this is - these people are supposedly "persuing a dream" and will do "anything" to get there. But when they are challenged they always refuse. Much like the episode of Making the Band 2 when P. Diddy made them WALK to Brooklyn from Manhattan to buy him cheesecake. You know how far that is?? Crazy far - but I'm sure people woulda lined up to do it to be famous. Yet these kids whined the whole time. That show is ridiculous and I won't be watching any more of them.

I'm getting pretty sick of America's Next Top Model too - thank God the last episode is next week. Now it's down to my fave: Elyse - and Kyle's fave Adrianne. I don't count Shannon cause she doesn't stand a chance. I have a feeling Adrianne "I have only one emotion" Curry, will be the winner. I also noticed during the beer commercial in the break that much like Adrianne - Kiefer Sutherland's voice also has one emotion. That of complete ennui.


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