Friday, July 11, 2003

Stampin' fool

Well it's that time of year again - the Rubber Stamp Convention is in town! This year Skog & xTina and I are going but it's gonna be a very short jaunt. Mostly because we know what we want - but also because we are on a time crunch. When we shop together it's pretty smooth - since we know what each other wants and we move pretty quickly.

As someone asked me, "Aren't there just a bunch of old housewives there?" Yeah, that's pretty accurate. We are definitely some of the younger people there. The good thing is - most of the crowd goes for that "countryfied" style of stamps (Think Frank from Trading Spaces) while we look for more of the modern artsy ones. So there is plenty of elbow room.

I am always looking for stamps of women, usually doing crazy things like crying or cursing - basically stamps of myself. Or stamps of women looking fabulous. We'll see what I find this time.


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