Friday, July 18, 2003

That's the hotness right there

The guy I sit next to at work LOVES air conditioning, be it summer or winter he turns that sh*t on full blast. I hate the heat but come on - I could go ice fishing in here.

Now the way my office works is a mechanical engineering nightmare. All the A/C controls are downstairs and there are four, yes FOUR, units. Each with their own controls of course. When it's hot upstairs, it's cold downstairs - and vice versa. You'd think an architecture firm would have a better system but typically - this is all we've got.

So everytime said co-worker gets a chance he runs downstairs and flicks all of the switches onto high. THis happens about 8 - 10 times a day. The minute he comes back up to his desk, I run downstairs and turn them all off. This goes on ALL day. I'm sure he wonders who's undermining him, little does he know I'm just jumping at the bit for him to make his move.


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