Monday, October 13, 2003

Burger Time
Since I am staying away from ground beef until after the baby is born, I will have to wait to eat an In & Out Burger. And it seems everyone around me is eating them. They smell so good. That is supposedly one of the best companies to work for because just being a store manager can get you over $60K a year. Not bad for slinging burgers.

I always found it interesting that they put religious sayings on their wrappers - much like how Chick-Fil-A closes on Sundays...Anyway - I always knew In & Out had a secret menu - but I never knew what it was. This guy put up a website about it.

I think I will have to venture over there and order me a "Grilled Cheese." I'll still get all the tasty goodness without the meat.

"Animal Style" - bun is grilled with mustard, sauteed onions instead of raw, pickles, extra "special sauce"
"Wish Burger" - no meat, i.e. veggie burger

"Protein Style" - lettuce wrapped around the burger instead of a bun for all of you who are in "The Zone"

"Old Fashioned Style" - ketchup and mustard instead of the weird special sauce

"Flying Dutchman" - two meat patties with two slices of cheese. that's it.

"Double Meat" - Double Double without cheese

"4x4" - 4 meat patties with 4 slices of cheese. Are you SURE you can eat that?

"2x4" - 2 meat patties with 4 slices of cheese for the fromage afficionado

"Grilled Cheese" - cheeseburger, sans meat

"Fries - well done" - get your fries extra crispy and brown the way you like them!

"Choco-Vanilla Swirl Shake" - just what it sounds like

"Neopolitan Shake" - a blend of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes.


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