Saturday, October 25, 2003

Celebrity Skin
We have had a few celebrity sightings this weekend for some reason. More than usual. I took my in-laws to Trader Joes - I usually do all my shopping there anyway - but since this damn grocery strike it's PACKED now. Hello, I just want to get my guacamole on. Anyway - in line behind us was Michelle Kwan - the ice skater. This is like the second time I've seen her at Trader Joes, we must be on the same marketing schedule. Kyle's dad recognized her right away and was talking to her. Meanwhile Kyle's mom was looking at her and said, "You look familiar, do I know you?" and Michelle was like, 'No...." and Kyle's dad was like "YES! That's Michelle!" and this is hilarious - Kyle's mom said to her, "No, you look like my neighbor's daughter." hahah That was comedy. I took her aside later and said, "Uh - you DO know who she is - she's that ice skater you see on tv all the time." Hilarious.

Then Rusty came over today after his workout and said he saw THE ROCK at the gym. Interesting. I wonder if you can "smell" what he's cooking.


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