Monday, October 20, 2003

Maybe it's because i'm pregnant but suddenly i'm a freak magnet. I'm standing in line at the mall to get some food and this lady - who is obviously off, or a little slow or something - comes up to me and is all, "Are you having a baby?" At this point I should've just said "NO." and left it at that. That would've been funnier since I am way to big to not be pregnant. Anyway, I said "Yes," and then she pauses, "What is it?" I was like ugh, "A boy." PAUSE. "Is that what your husband wanted?" Again, I'm like, thinking, is this b*tch gonna drag me into the Gap and cut me and steal my baby - what's with the freakishly long 20 questions? Me: "Yes." PAUSE. This tiime the pause is so long I figure this conversation is over. But no. Crazy Lady: "Do you own your own home?" Just as I was about to scream at her, I was like "HEY- that line's open!" and I pointed to the other line and moved away. It wouldn't have been so bad if she didn't have "crazy eyes" and didn't smile once when she was talking to me. Goddam freaks.


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