Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Recall all the old people

i hate old people. i called grandma just to tell her that too.

against better judgement i did not vote absentee and went to the polling place this morning. the people working there were old and some were stupid. this one woman in her 90's was complaining the whole time about taking her break for dinner. hello it's 7am. she was arguing so much with the other workers that they weren't even registering people - they were just arguing. there were 9 polling stalls open and two were being used. they couldn't find out names in the register and they couldn't hear each other re-check the names.

when it came to my turn i just grabbed the register from their hands and looked the shit up myself. i also saw the old lady accidently tear up someone's ballot - so that person had to vote again - hello - moron.

my grandma used to volunteer to work at the polling place except she is a highly capable and attentive person - for her age she is pretty damn sharp - unlike these fogies. so i called her to tell her how dumb these people are.

me: hey gram - i'm calling to tell you that old people are stupid.
gram: oh? i'm one of them you know.
me: no - you're not a moron. i went to vote this morning and those idiots were screwing everything up and it took me over an hour!
gram: you know they get paid $55 a day.
me: what?? god that's worse!
gram: it's all old people or jobless people. they don't pick the capable people cause they're too busy.
me: god that's just like the jury system.
gram: well, you should forgive them, they can't help it.
me: old people are dumb.
gram: you're gonna be old someday too
me: i plan to kill myself before then. in fact i think i will kill myself tomorrow so i can just nip it in the bud.
gram: well, try and have a good day anyway, think good thoughts...like how you're going to kill yourself tomorrow.


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