Wednesday, October 15, 2003

30 Cent asked me if I saw the "Simpsons" yesterday. I was like, I thought that show was on Sundays? Plus I haven't seen it for years. Turns out that's her new nickname for Nick and Jessica's Newlyweds. The Simpsons. Ha - classic.

Speaking of TV I can barely stomach, I don't watch Angel and for some reason this season I am intrigued. That being said, I'd still rather read Strega's television without pity recaps than sit through that crap.

And - as I suspected, I am hooked on RR/RW The Gauntlet - oh yeah - good stuff. And when Trashelle crashed her bike - holy crap two black eyes? She looked pimp slapped. All I know is Real World is getting their ass kicked. And why they thought Steve was "weak" and sent him to the Gauntlet I have no idea. But he was the one who invented that whole point system thing - so whatever. I tried to get Figgy to read the cast member recaps - but she has less of a tolerance for "bad englishes" than I do, so she's out of luck.


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