Thursday, October 16, 2003

Underneath your clothes
I normally don't comment on these things but I gotta say - what is up with all the "stuff" they are finding in the Kobe accuser's underwear? Yeesh. It's like a damn magician's hat with the stuff they are finding.

from the L.A. Times:
• Pubic hair samples from the woman, Winters said, also turned up hairs from a white person that could not have come from Bryant, who is black.

First of all, thanks for clarifying that Kobe is black. Secondly, I am a germophobe and am intent on cleaning everything immediately after it is soiled. If a crumb falls on my shirt I throw it in the washer. So the fact that they are finding "things" in this chick's undies makes me nauseous. Figgy said they found Jimmy Hoffa in there.


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