Thursday, November 13, 2003

Beware the fat man
Ok I think I figured out who's stealing sh*t at work. First of all there is this tiny space at the end of our driveway at work - it's probably only 10'x15' - it's almost like a storage space except I noticed there's a mailbox and a cable dish on the side of it.

First ofa ll - there is this fat man who walks out of there every morn in his janky old pajamas and throws away a bag of trash in the dumpster. Hello?? I hear there's no running water in there so what the heck? And our boss doesn't talk about it. I know the fat man rents that space from us - but what the hell. Our company is retarded.

What if that little storage space actually leads to a secret underground lair a la Dr. Evil in Austin Powers?? That would be funny. Like you go in there and it actually leads down to a huge ass palace with a jacuzzi and sh*t.

Ok -maybe he's not the one stealing stuff, maybe he's actually protecting us? Yeah right....go on with your bad self, fat man.


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