Thursday, December 11, 2003

The Donger needs food
Anyone looking for a gift for me this year - this rocks.

Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club & Weird Science. Three 80's movies in one pack? How can you go wrong? Except for the fact that it has Weird Science in it - which I actually don't like. Plus Kyle refuses to watch any movie with - as he refers to him - "that druggie" Robert Downey Jr., in it....

Speaking of 80's movies I have this weird yearning to watch Young Guns. Maybe cause Kyle watches 24, so when I walk by the tv and see Kiefer I think of that movie. Or maybe it's the ringing in my ears of my brother repeatedly saying "NAVAJO..."

On yet ANOTHER note of 80's people I love: Wil Wheaton is selling....himself.


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