Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Pictures like Georgia O'Keefe?
We have three bathrooms at work - they are one seaters - handi-cap accessible - yeah right - if you count the one on the second floor, to which we have no elevator just stairs. So basically 3 toilets for both men and women to use. They are quite gross at times. Poo streaks - etc. The latest craze being - tell - me - how does one piss all over the toilet seat and not know it? Just asking.

So one of the women upper management decided enough poop is enough and pushed for a "women's only" bathroom. That's all fine and dandy but I'm thinking - maybe the poo problem isn't a man - it's a woman. Whatever - I don't know how they'd prove that anyway.

So they designated the women's only bathroom - of course my company being the way it is - they still haven't told anyone. I'm sure people (the men) will be pissed. I would be - I mean, fine - a women's only bathroom but then doesn't that say that the other two become "men's only?" Nope - the women can use all 3 but the men can only use the two unisex. Seems wrong to me but whatever, I don't make the rules.

So the woman who pushed for this change says the "women's only" bathroom will be "fully stocked' and have pictures on the walls. What the hell does this mean, pictures of what - vaginas? What kind of pictures are you hanging just cause it's a women's only bathroom?

Whatever with this place - I'm just glad I only have 3 weeks left here then it's off for maternity leave - yay!


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