Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Every year we do a "Secret Santa" for our family. Where we write down a list of things we want under $50 and whoever pulls your name just buys off the list. I thought I was well prepared this time, but NOW I've found so many other things I really want. Poo. True - most of them are over $50 - but this is just a wishlist so who cares.

1. Fish's Eddy HULA coffee mugs ($9.95)
- these are too cute!

2. EIEIO gift wrap. ($7)
-Sure giving gift wrap is a weird gift but since I LOVE paper it's not sooo weird.

3. Let it Be; Naked - The Beatles ($12)
- The sound difference is amazing. I can't wait to load this on my IPOD

4. A one year membership to www.iomoi.com e-stationery ($15)
- It allows you to send personalized emails to people with cute custom designs. Very smart, why didn't I think of that? Test it out here...

5. Return to Tiffany tag Necklace ($210)
- I have always wanted this necklace, as much as it looks like a "dog collar" as someone once noticed. But it looks very good with a collared button down shirt. Of which I have many.

6. Dual Purpose Tongs ($20)
-You know I love Martha Stewart, I'm sure you can find the same items somewhere cheaper (Surfas) but hey - I love my kitchenware.

7. Gucci blush/brown pochette purse ($160)
- Do I need another purse? No. But I love the shape of this one. And the color is gorgeous. It's all about the design.

8. Depeche Mode 101 DVD ($16.60)
- I saw this movie in the theater with my cousins. AND we were at the original concert as well. Now it's on dvd and the extras are great, according to Mike P**M. Plus it's like $10 less at www.deepdiscountdvd.com PLUS free shipping! Who could ask for anything more....

9. Alton Brown's Good Eats dvd pack ($49)
- This is the best cooking show on television. You learn so much and he is entertaining as well.

10. Single Button Fleece Cape ($25)
-I am an accessory kinda gal. I can't get enough of them. When I went to the opera on sunday with my mom it was FREEZING. If only I had a nice warm black cape to wear....


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