Monday, March 29, 2004

All choked up
It was in the 90's today. Sick. I don't know how people have kids in Hawaii cause this heat was bad enough, I can't imagine worse. It was 80 degrees inside the house. INSIDE! I lived on a steady diet of ice water and ice cream today. Ick.

Saturday Kyle took care of the baby and my friend and I went to an ex co-worker's wedding in Santa Monica. It was at a beach club and they got married right on the sand. The club reminded me of 90210 the later years when they all worked at that beach club,... anyone, anyone? It was lovely and funny because everyone there had flown in from New York. My friend and I were freezing - it was 60 degrees - but the New Yorkers loved it, to them it was hot. You could tell they were New Yorkers too because they had the most amazing dresses, there were some gorgeous ones and all were either black or pink. Very fashionable. I wore my requisite black as well, hey you can never go wrong with black. AND, thank you very much, I got to wear my heels. Yay for me. I need more days out like this.

The most scariest and amazing thing happened at the wedding, a little 3 year old boy was choking to death on some crusty bread, and his mom just as it was happening, scooped him up, turned him upside down and started slapping his back and the bread popped out. Damn that was scary. I hope I have that kind of second nature come to me if that ever happens to my son. Then again I don't think I'd let him eat giant ass pieces of crusty bread.


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