Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Happy Birfday

Birthdays are a sacred thing to me. I just love them. Not only my own - which I start looking forward to the next one the day after my actual birthday - but other people's as well. I like to at least acknowledge people's birthday - cause I feel it's special, and well, because it feels good.

My mom's birthday was yesterday and I sent her a cookie bouquet and a gift. One of her really good friends didn't even say happy birthday to her. Rude. I think it's rude when people forget. Maybe just because I have every single person's birthday down in my palm pilot - even people I don't speak to anymore. What can I say, I'm organized.

It's not about the gifts, it's just nice to have people remember. Kyle's birthday is coming up soon - we're not making a big deal of it since last year was our 30th so that was like our big final blowout. This year is much more understated especially with the kid and all. Still, I bought Kyle's gift back in December. See, I am a organized.


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