Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I wanna run to you
That girl from Hawaii is probably going to move on. She has a good voice. That Whitney Houston song is one of my favorites and I think there was no way she was good enough to even try to sing it. But she was good enough to be better than those other losers tonight...

Susie Vulaca
Do you remember the show A Different World? Remember the girl with the big hair? Yeah....

John Preator
How old is this dude?? He looks like John MacEnroe.

John Stevens
Good voice, but weird and boring.

Heather Piccinini
This girl is forgettable. Did you notice how they pixelated out her boobs?

Jasmine Trias
The only person from Hawaii who has a shot.

George Huff
His picture on the official webpage is SCARY. Hat = bad. But after he got over the beginning I really liked his voice.

Lisa Wilson
This "model" was HORRIBLE.

Tiara Purifoy
Girls, girls, please stop trying to sing Whitney Houston.


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