Sunday, March 28, 2004

Potty mouth
Grandma came over to watch the baby as she does every week. While he naps we get to talk. This is my time to have non-baby talk conversations with adults. Maybe I should stick to talking to my baby....

Me: Gram, Figgy just told me that you should put the seat down when you flush the toilet cause apparently some tv news show did a study and found feces remnants all over the bathroom counter and people's toothbrushes.

Gram: Well, when I flush I look into the toilet and watch. So I guess that means I have feces all over my face.

Me: Good lord, that's disgusting! What the hell are you looking in there for?

Gram: No reason, I just like to watch it and make sure it goes down.

Me: Brilliant. You are so nasty.


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