Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Stop your whining
Sitting at home watching the news and reading the paper just makes me angry. First of all the supermarket strike is over. Whoo hoo - big f*ing deal. I'm still not gonna shop at those janky ass places. Plus I was reading an article where this clerk was saying that she wants to keep her "American Dream"- a job where she can work part time and take care of her kids and still get health and dental. What the f**k? I want that too but you don't see me picketing out in front of my office.

Now on the front page of the times today there is an article on Countrywide home loans and how their employees are suing them for having to : "work 10 hours a day - 5 days a week with no meal breaks." Hello - that was our reality at work all the time.

I'm just gonna watch Newlyweds reruns on MTV. Screw the news.


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