Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Big O
On Oprah she was touting her new home magazine O at Home - I think it's to rival Martha Stewart Living. Course nothing can replace MSL - it has a warm place in my heart. Even if she goes to jail....

Anyway to pimp the new mag she showed the 5 things every kitchen must have. To me, they are only necessary if you are really love to cook. A normal person who hates cooking and does it out of duty doesn't need this stuff. So of course as obsessed as I am, not only do I have most of this stuff, but I already had it on my wishlist! I'm ahead of my time...give me my own damn show.

1. The microplane zester
Got it already. I use this alot actually so I must agree, it comes in handy. If you need fine shavings of cheese, or chocolate, this does the trick better than a grater. I make a Lime Cream Cheese poundcake for almost all occasions (usually my friends birthdays) and this thing is great for lime or lemon zest.

2. a Le Crueset® 16" Oval Serving Platter
It can go from the oven right to the table.
This I don't really care about. It's nice to have, but not necessary. A simple Corningware casserole will do the same and you can get like 5 pieces for the same price as the damn Le Crueset.

3.Santoku Knife
I totally agree this knife rocks. Ever since I bought it I don't even use the ceramic knives I bought from Japan anymore.

4. a set of four Chop & Chop Flexible Colored Cutting Boards
These are great especially since I am contami-phobic. I wipe my counters down with disenfectant every day.

5. Cuisinart Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet Maker
Yes I am buying this - since I don't have an income anymore, I decided to wait til I got my mypoints** gift certificate from Macy's. It's affordable, and quick. Plus I buy sorbet every week at Trader Joes, now I can just make my own.

So of course - as usual, frickin Oprah gave away all that shiet to the audience. Lucky bastards.

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