Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Don't fear the reaper
I don't know if you saw SNL this weekend - but there was a skit called Debbie Downer. Holy crap - iI can't even explain to you how funny it was. It was about this woman - played by Rachel Dratch - who has a negative viewpoint on everything - and she always says something depressing at inappropriate times. So they are eating breakfast at Disneyworld and she says, "It's official, I can't have children." Goddam I was laughing so hard - cause of the way she said it, not to mention the fact that the actors were totally cracking up the entire time. That is officially my favorite skit - after the one with Wil Ferrel - "more cowbell..."

In college, I hate to admit - Figgy and I sent a letter to Wil Ferrel his first season - kind of as a joke, but we really liked the cheerleader skit. Hello, he wrote back and sent up autograph pictures, We didn't ask for any by the way....

I have to dig that thing up and post it here on the blog. It's hilarious. Kyle came home and we showed him the picture and basically his response was, "God you guys must be bored..."

**Ha! I found the skit - courtesy of www.jasonskidmore.com...


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