Sunday, May 23, 2004

Everyday is like Sunday
Well I ate my way through the Beverly Hills Farmer's Market this morning. We were early for a change and there wasn't much of a crowd, thank god. We bought kettle corn, and strawberries. We went for peaches, but they weren't all that. I also bought some yummy candied almonds at the French Creperie. However I passed on the Nutella crepe, but it was tempting. They guy in front of me ordered a crepe with lemon and sugar, now that sounded refreshing. They had fresh roasted corn which looked so darn good, but I passed it up too.

Instead we went with the usual, Mis Padres Chilaquiles. Damn. There is nothing better. Forget the frou frou versions at the restaurants, the regular old street vendor ones are the best. Yes I can make it myself at home, but it will never have the same flava.

If you ask me to bake you something, I'll attempt it. Tonight I plan to try my luck at peanut brittle for the first time. It was special requested by 30 Cent, and she said, I quote, "Make me some peanut brittle, but not too many peanuts." What the hell kind of peanut brittle is that?


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