Sunday, May 02, 2004

Face lift
This year - I'm a mother! That means I get gifts for Mother's Day, whohoo! My loving family gave me a gift certificate to the Murad Spa. This place is amazing. It's not like your typical spa, where you spend all day lounging - while that's good too - Murad is a medical spa - so all their therapists are trained in the philoposhy of Dr. Murad.

When I got there this woman passed me in the hall and she looked totally stoned. It was weird, but now I know why. The treatments are so theraputic they make you loopy. It was great. I started out with an hour long massage that was so incredibly painful - because of my history of bad carpal tunnel. But it was all worth it, I can move head now and I feel so much better. When I walked out of there I could barely stand, I felt just like the woman who looked stoned.

Then I went for a Vitamin C facial. I dunno, I felt kind of uncomfortable, facials scare me for some reason. And since this one was medical...yikes. The technician was all, "This may feeling tingly...almost itchy....tell me if it burns." Nice. This is supposed to be relaxing? Anyway in the end it paid off cause my skin looked way better, although I'm not sure if I'd do it again. They wrap you up in a blanket and they also do a paraffin wax on your hands, I know some people like that, I don't. If you don't know what a paraffin wax is, they put your hands into these plastic bags of boiling hot wax and granted, it does make your skin smooth, but yuck - it feels nasty.

Anyway, I feel GREAT today. Apparently people travel from all over just to go to this place. If you wanna give yourself a treat, I highly recommend it!!!


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