Monday, March 21, 2005

she bought a clock on hollywood blvd the day she left

Thom Mayne - of MORPHOSIS - the quintessential avant-guard architect will be be named winner of the Pritzker Prize today. The Pritzker is basically the noble prize of Architecture. This may mean nothing to you, but it means something to me.

He is the first American since 1991 to receive this prize, and that - is a big deal.

In a world of boring tract homes and dull mini malls, Thom Mayne is ahead of his time. Think, hopped up techno music translated into buildings. He's innovative, boorish, unyielding - all the makings of a great architect ahead of his time.

His most recent work, The Caltrans building in downtown L.A., was notoriously dubbed "The Death Star." An aluminum paneled building 400 feet long by 220 feet high. It certainly doesn't fit into the "regular" downtown aesthetic, but it's chances like that, that could make Los Angeles an architectural visionary. And that, is a good thing.



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Okay so I just read Shiz's post about Tito's. We've gone mad, me thinks. I'm thinking a Tito's blog is long over due.......

Man, I'm hungry.

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