Monday, March 07, 2005

Your optimistic eyes, seem like paradise to someone like me

The guy I sit next to at work had some very interesting news for me...

Coworker (on the phone): "Jennnn...guess who I talked to today?"

Jenn (me at home, not caring): "Who?"
Coworker: "That GOTH guy..."
Jenn: "SHUT..up."
Coworker: "I asked him what kind of music he listened to..."
Jenn: "NO!...What'd he say??"
Coworker: "Depeche Mode..."
Jenn (screaming): "GET OUT!"
Coworker: "...Bauhaus...Love & Rockets..."
Jenn: "Are you lying to me, or what? Cause that's so not funny."
Coworker: "and you'll love this one...JOY DIVISION."
Jenn: "That's it. You're a damn liar."
Coworker: "Jenn, I'm serious. Joy Division, can you believe that? I told him, 'you really need to talk to Jenn..."
Jenn: "SHUT UP! You did not say that!"
Coworker (laughing): "I swear."
Jenn: "Goddam how embarrassing. I KNEW it! New Best friend! Did I not tell you he was GOTH?"
Coworker: (laughing a little too hard) "Yeah."
Jenn: "I TOLD YOU he was meant to be!!!"

By this point I've forgotten/forgiven about the Audi. Turns out my other co-worker has her eye on him too. She said, "that GOTH boy looks like fun." Damn, I better get a move on.


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