Sunday, May 04, 2008

I am out of sick days, so I called in dead.

The school's policy is to keep the kids out a full 24 hours after they've been 'sick', even if they are well. I get it, but it's killing me. I work on contract so I don't get paid for any sick days, holiday or vacation, and if the kids are out, I STILL have to pay for school.

So for the Kid's 'not-so-sick-day' we headed out to Melrose. When I was 15, (er, 20 years ago) I used to go to Melrose every weekend. I'd pull on my striped knee highs and Docs and head out with my friends. Thrift stores, record stores, it was very, well, 80s back then. Now I am old and not so punk. Nowadays part of the street is full of big name designers, with flagship stores that rival New York. It's pretty fantastic for fashion, proving that Los Angeles has just as much a foot in the door, as that other coast over there.

The designer in me is drawn to the new boutiques cropping up. Alexander McQueen recently opened his West Coast boutique on Melrose & Orlalndo, which made me giddy. ( I visited it within the first two weeks of opening.) There is a distinct correlation between exquisitely designed clothes and a perfectionist architect. Clean designs, modern structure - and I don't just mean the stores, I mean the clothes themselves.
I needed to return something, so I dragged the Kid (some day off) to Marc Jacobs, where he decided he needed to poop in their bathroom. Yay for stylish poop. We then moved on down the street because "all I want is a Pink's hot dog." This Kid, he has a good sense of direction. Like me, he has a gps implanted in his brain - he knew he was on Melrose and that Pink's was down the street. Not bad for a 4 year old.

It was perfect timing really, cause at 11am, it was the shortest I had ever seen a line at Pink's. Usually a 50 minute wait, the line was only ten deep. And because it was 'his day' I allowed him to have soda, a RARE treat, only because he had thrown up the day before (yeah, hot dogs, excellent choice, right?) and I thought it'd settle his stomach. He was thrilled to get the soda, although he didn't get the hype so I doubt he'll be asking for soda ever again.

Then we went to Paul Frank to get some gifts. He thought the couch was fantastic so he just laid there. Maybe he was tired or maybe he needs a psychiatrist who knows. I don't want to know what he'll say when asked, "Tell me about your mother..." The store runs a tv of these amazing cute Paul Frank cartoons. They don't sell them, but you can watch them for free on the internet. They have an adult attitude, but are still kid friendly enough. Too cute.

We ended the day with a nap (for me too, thank god) and then we made vanilla pudding together. The Kid loves to cook and wants to do everything I do. The pudding was fantastic, as was being able to spend the day together. So while I had yet another day without pay, we had a good time toolin' around L.A. Just please. For the love of god. Can we all stay healthy for one full week??

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Blogger Robin said...

I haven't seen Bubble Up since I was the kid's age...

Sunday, May 04, 2008 4:37:00 PM  
Blogger Jodi said...

I usually get Bubble Up at Pink's too. With my Lord of the Rings dog. Yum.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 11:42:00 PM  
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