Sunday, January 24, 2010

Son don't let these streets get the best of you

Saturday morning the Kid woke me up at 6am - very concerned about Haiti. An hour later the Baby woke up - very concerned about wanting BBQ for breakfast. While both problems were different, I had a solution.

Saturday was the Food Trucks for Haiti event in West L.A. 20+ food trucks from around Los Angeles were to park on one street with portions of their profits going to the American Red Cross.
We got there right as it opened and thank goodness, because it filled up fast. Having 20 trucks in one place is the best idea, that way all the lines are evenly spread out, and it gives you a good opportunity to walk from truck to truck to see what they are offering. A high quality mobile food court if you will.

There were so many different foods: pizza, Indian food, the Buttermilk truck had pancakes, a sushi truck, Greek food, tacos, sandwiches, ice cream, BBQ - you name it, they were parked on the street.

All the food was great, I mean REALLY great. We ate a TON. The few things that stood out was the already popular Grilled Cheese truck - the kids split a grilled cheese - $3 , and huge bag of tater tots -also $3, which was more than enough. I got a grilled pork bahn mi sandwich from the Nom Nom Truck, just $5 for a large 12" sandwich, the perfect combination of flavorful pork, carrots, cucumber and cilantro. Refreshing and easy to eat on the street.

Boy did we eat. And eat. It's way too easy to just keep going from truck to truck trying things here and there. I hope they do this more often, it was an easy way to sample all the wonderful food out there with very minimal effort.

The Kid said he had so much fun going from truck to truck and said he loved everything he ate. He was also really happy to know that in a small way we were helping a good cause. As for the Baby, I'm sure he has worldly concerns too...uh - maybe I'll ask him about them when he finishes getting his grub on.

See all that we ate, here

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