Friday, September 10, 2010

I’m so cold, yeah I need that hot toddy

Seems like everyone's going to Hawaii lately. While I went to Oahu, my friends were on their way to Maui. Since we stay with family and mostly stay away from Waikiki - it doesn't really seem like a vacation. Air conditioning equals vacation in my book.

Visiting other islands - now that's a vacation. The only time I've been to Maui has been for golf and to see the volcano. But what I remember the most - even more than actually walking on hot flowing lava? The ice cream.

Tasaka's on Maui is famous for their 'guri guri.' Guri-guri is pidgin english for 'Goodie Goodie' and it's like a creamy yummy homemade sherbet. Everyone's recipe is basically the same. It's so easy to make at home and it's the greatest cold dessert ever since no ice cream maker is necessary!

Cold, creamy and easy to make -perfect for summer if you can't make it to Maui...

Guri Guri recipe, here.

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