Sunday, September 12, 2010

Infinite Sadness

Lately I have been waking up in a bad mood. Seriously cranktastic, nothing can lift my spirits.

My cure? My anti-depressant? Baking. Early morning baking is pretty therapeutic. The house is quiet, the sun hasn't even fully risen, everyone is sleeping - just enough atmosphere to gather your thoughts.

My favorite anti-depressant go-to is Buttermilk Brown Sugar muffins. I make them more often than I should say. I came up with this recipe when I was rummaging through my pantry one angry morning.

They mix together super quick. Light as air, any addition of fruit or nuts would just weigh it down. No, this is pure buttery goodness - the only thing to cure your morning sadness. But it's the smell - melty buttery brown sugar, is there a better scent in the world? I think not.

I like them piping hot, right out of the oven with a cup of tea. Before you know it, the kids wander into the kitchen wondering what's for breakfast. And since my crankiness has waned I can exclaim - muffins! Little do they know they missed my morning visit to Crank City and I just don't tell them I've already eaten two...

Buttermilk Brown Sugar muffins recipe, here.

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Anonymous Starry said...

I'm having a giveaway on my blog and wondered if you might mention it on yours for me as I have no takers so far, boohoo.

Thanks if you can!


Sunday, September 12, 2010 9:30:00 AM  

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