Friday, July 01, 2011

Dance without feet

This past weekend was the Skrumps event at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. The Skrumps are computer generated puppets designed by John Chandler from the Jim Henson Company. I got to see how it all worked when I visited the Henson studios last month - it's pretty amazing technology.

While there were no digital Skrumps to be seen there was plenty of hand drawn art! The event was all about the kids - not only was John Chandler there signing books and doing sketches but they had toys, raffles and refreshments for the kids.

Since the kids love drawing I think they enjoyed the process of watching John sketch the Skrumps. He did a sketch for each of the boys and The Kid, always with the keen eye for detail - pointed out that he forgot to draw the tail on The Mooch - nice catch!

The event was sponsored by Archaia - comic publishers of beautiful graphic novels, everyone's fave Fraggle Rock and they were also a sponsor of the League of Ladies event. A great publisher with wonderful books.

There's always lots to see at Meltdown, so many books and toys the kids were in wonderland. John was impressed that my kids could read so well, hey - all that summer reading is paying off, I tell ya!

I like taking the kids to events where they can get inspiration for their own artistic ideas. I think it helps them think outside the box and become more creative.

Talk about creativity, the Baby was TOTALLY decked out - we were going to a comics shop after all. I don't care what you say -- there's nothing more intimidating than a 3-1/2 foot tall Batman walking down the street.

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