Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Go go Power Rangers!

Amid all the holiday-ing and turkey-ing last week, it was also the Baby's birthday!

We don't always do big parties, but this year the Baby wanted to invite friends from school, family it was a big deal. Then again, turning 6 is a big deal!

The party was at one of those indoor jumpy places which is fantastic because all the noise, mess, havoc is all in one place faaar away from home. Sure, jump to your heart's content!

The Baby specifically requested a Power Rangers birthday. If you remember that's pretty popular around here right now.
I am not a fan of junky party favors that you'll just end up tossing, so I try to give kids things that they can actually USE. I mean how many mini bottles of bubbles do you need? For this party I went to the Japanese 99 cent store and luckily found some Power Rangers coloring books!

I hate to say it, but yes I do buy the girl guests more GIRLY things because I know that as a mom of boys who go to girls parties - they really hate getting girl party favors. I don't blame them - so I got the girls strawberry shortcake coloring books instead of the power rangers ones. But the comics stayed the same for both and I was thrilled to hear one of the little girls LOVED that she got a comic book! Yay for baby geek girls!
I added in some scented erasers, pencils and comic books from our vast unread collection. All kids need comic books.
The kids know full well that whatever they ask for cake/cupcake-wise I will do. (This is my punishment for following though on elaborate birthdays past.) So when the Baby said Power Rangers cupcakes - I knew I had to come up with something great. Homemade Power Rangers lollipops made great cupcake toppers! (recipe here)

The Baby had a memorable 6th birthday and now I can sit back an put my feet u...what's that? The Kid's birthday is next month? sigh...

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Blogger Robyn said...

i appreciate the thought behind getting useful stuff for goody bags. my infant daughter already gets them from the sitter's and we end up just donating most of it to goodwill.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 10:56:00 PM  
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