Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of joy

When I was a kid my Uncle always bought us books for Christmas. We were typical ungrateful children and unwrapped his gifts to 'ohh....a book. sigh.' Hey, we wanted toys! Yeah well, the toys came and went but I always went back to the books, so he really did give us the best presents.

Here are some great reads for all different ages that will make fantastic gifts for the holidays! Oh, and thanks for all the books, Unc.

Yes Day - Amy Krouse Rosenthal
I am a huge fan of Amy Krouse Rosenthal - her "Little Pea" book is one of my all time favorites. "Yes Day" is right up there, maybe because it hits so close to home. I spend so much of my day saying "NO" to the kids, I know they would definitely appreciate a day full of YESes. This is a great book for kinder-kids learning to read or as a bedtime book. Tons of fun and totally cute!

Star Wars Craft Book - Bonnie Burton
This book handily combines my love of crafts and Star Wars! Lots of great pictures and fun things to make from an Admiral Sackbar puppet to a large Jabba the Hutt body pillow. You don't need kids to enjoy this book but you do need to enjoy Star Wars, and who doesn't? So much fun!

One Con Glory - Sarah Kuhn
Geek romance? Yes, it exists! One Con Glory captures all of it with great references and detail, all within the realms of comic cons and fandom. Great characters set within a story that leaves you wanting more - and hooray, it's soon to be made into a movie!

O.G. Favorite Recipes
Ok fine, this is my book but it does make a great holiday gift. Comics+recipes+true anecdotes from a crazy 90-year-old woman, this comic is perfect if you're looking for fun recipe ideas with a sense of humor. Listed as one of Five Comics to Read by USA Today's Pop Candy!

Legend - Marie Lu
I had the pleasure of hearing Marie Lu read from her new book Legend at a signing and was immediately taken by the storyline. I wasn't the only one - this book is already set to be made into a movie by the producers of Twilight. Legend is a young adult dystopian novel about two characters from different worlds in a futuristic civil war set in my beloved Los Angeles. How could I not be drawn to it?

Draw Star Wars - Bonnie Burton
Another Star Wars book? Yes, yes! This one is great because my kids LOVE to draw and it's so fun and helpful to see a layout of how to draw the characters. But it's not just for kids - I've bought this book as a gift for many adults who love drawing and love Star Wars!

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