Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do it for the children

Here's a giftlist for kids - but let me tell you why it's good for adults too...everything's under $25!! Your wallet can breathe easy.

Harry Potter UNO game - $13
Man, I'm bad at UNO. Like seriously bad. The Kid beats me everytime to the point where I'd like to act like a child and throw a tantrum. UNO is a fun card game and with the added element of Harry Potter's magic, well - I'll totally win from now on, right? Hm.

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song - $5
Starring Lucy Hale, this is a modern twist on the classic Cinderella tale - with music! What could be more fun! Great to watch over and over again and at $4.99 it's the perfect stocking stuffer!

Donkey Kong Jenga - $15
I know, is this giftlist for me or for the kids?? Donkey Kong takes me back to old skool days and well, the Kid asked for a Jenga game so this is Jenga, it's just 10 times better! Will Mario save the princess or will the blocks come tumbling down? It's all skill, baby.

Barbie: I can be an architect - $24
As a female architect myself, I think these 'career dolls' are awesome. I'll admit I never had a Barbie as a kid, I always coveted the Dream House. Hm. No wonder I chose the career path that I did...

Star Wars Heroes & Villans cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma - $20
I think you know how much I love cooking with Star Wars as my muse, and these cookie cutters are my all time fave. Very easy for kids to use and they give perfectly stamped impressions every time. Tons of fun in the kitchen! (Yoda green tea sugar cookie recipe, here.)

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