Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Last Bookstore

In this economic downturn it's odd that bookstores seem to be opening up everywhere. I for one, am happy. While I love buying things online I really enjoy roaming a bookstore and finding new, or in this case...old, things.

The Last Bookstore is located on Spring Street in the old Bank District of downtown L.A. The store has taken over the old Crocker Bank building, over 10,000 sq ft! Seeing as how it was once a bank, the soaring ceiling and spacious room and lends itself to feeling like a library from another era.

I love the way books are used as art for the walls and even the cashier desk. The books are truly more than just product and actually become a part of the interiors.
You can find old and hard to find copies of books but plenty of modern ones too, as well as cds, movies and magazines - all very affordable. Not only that they buy books too, which would really help me clear out my personal library.
The books are used (but in perfect condition) and therefore: cheap! We came here for one of our O.G. 'field trips' because I was looking for 1950s cookbooks and O.G. was looking for books on Japan. We both lucked out and found just what we were looking for. I can't wait to go back and see what's new....or old.

The Last Bookstore
453 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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