Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Breakfast Club

Today is my SiL's last day with us. While we're sad, we're more sad that it's raining! *shakes fist*

Rain in L.A. is the equivalent of a nuclear meltdown. There's no point in leaving the house, the streets are flooded and the driving conditions are horrible. And that's just when it's about an inch of rain - this morning was a full storm.

So instead we sit. I decided to make her an early morning 'goodbye breakfast.' Breakfasts are big in our house, I usually do big ones on the weekend and sometimes we do breakfast for dinner.

There were brown sugar bacon twists...

...eggs (with the help of Darth Vader)....

...smoothies, of course....

...and pancakes.

It was a hearty meal and nice send off to the very helpful Auntie.

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