Monday, March 19, 2012


This past weekend was WonderCon! A comics/pop-culture/entertainment convention, usually located in northern California but this year was in Anaheim for the first time! The move...well, it wasn't without faults. The absurd L.A. rain made things strange but it all worked out in the end and the Con was fantastic - like a mini SDCC!

This week I'm a highlighting just a few of my favorite things from WonderCon.
First up: Archaia!

They clearly had the best booth at the Con. Clad in iconic Archia black with a lovely orange logo wallpaper pattern, the towering structure was a perfect beacon for navigating the Con aisles.

Archaia is a publisher with an amazing array of graphic novels. All the books are beautifully made both inside and out. They've released Mouse Guard and Robotika as well as Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock comics.
Recently they released Tale of Sand, an adaptation of a lost screenplay from Jim Henson.

When I visited the Henson Studios last year I was thrilled to see Jim Henson's legacy living on but saddened that so many of his ideas never came to fruition. However, when you pick up Tale of Sand you can see that Archaia captured the magic of Jim Henson with detail and a lot of love and care.

I get a lot of Archaia books for myself but eventually give them away and have to get more because they make great gifts! All the books are well made, with gorgeous interiors that easily convey the stories through imagery and color. So much of that is due to the amazing writers and artists that they collaborate with.

Archaia is a fixture at comic cons and always run fantastic con-specials that are too good to resist. Their next event is Emerald City Comic Con March 30 in Seattle, stop by and see their beautiful books in person!

But what else did I see at WonderCon that I be cont'd)

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Blogger Kelldandy said...

My son wanted to dive into their books so badly but I wouldn't let him because he has a tendency to rip pages as he turns them. Like you said they are beautifully made and I really want some!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 9:17:00 PM  

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