Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disneyland's Halloween Carnival

While most people go to Disneyland at Halloween to see the Haunted Mansion and the park all decked out, the real fun (and less crowds) is finding the seasonal food and secret little spots with extra entertainment!

This year Disneyland transformed Big Thunder Ranch into a Halloween Carnival! There were fun treats, costumed characters and activities to keep the kids busy.
There was an awesome pumpkin carving display where professionals showed off their unbelievable skills and carved memorable Disney characters out of pumpkins. I like to carve special pumpkins every year too so I definitely paid close attention to detail.
There were carnival games where you could throw bean bags, spin a wheel and rope a witch's hat. No prizes but lots of fun and costumed characters were on hand to help out.

There was a stage show and a special Villains tent and a big craft station...
...where kids could color or make masks and they held a 'masquerade' every now and then for everyone to show off their designs.

The best part of Halloween at Disney is always the food. My personal fave (and really the main reason I went to the park) was to get the special holiday Candy Corn Cotton Candy! I love candy corn and I love cotton candy, so this was my dream come true. While the taste was just regular sugar, the look of it was adorable! Why snack on regular old pink cotton candy when you can hold a pretty candy corn one?

As always seasonal apples are tons of fun and two that always stand out are the Jack Skellington and Pumpkin Mickey caramel apples.

Except for the food, all these fun carnival activities are free to enjoy. It's a great break from rides, crowds and cool park feature you only see once during the year! Fall is always fun at the park!

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